U.S. Bank Stadium

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The Vikings are finally getting the stadium that they, and the city of Minneapolis, deserve.

After years in the planning, the aged, but once innovative Metrodome is being replaced with a cutting edge stadium, in both design and function, which will transform this part of the city’s skyline.

Being constructed on the site of the now demolished Metrodome, the Minnesota Multipurpose Stadium, aka US Bank Stadium, consists of an enclosed multi-level football stadium, configurable for other venues.

Its statistics are impressive; once completed it will contain approximately 1,752,262 gross sq. ft. of space, with a 65,028 seating capacity, expandable up to 73,523 for a super bowl venue and a total of 116 suites.  There will be 9 levels from the Event Level up to the Upper Seating Bowl.

The design of the stadium is innovative.

  • the roof plane on the north side of the structure is to slope steeper than on the south side giving the structure a striking angular appearance.
  • the two sides of the roof will be covered with differing roofing assemblies, with the south half of the roof consisting of a transparent polymer material skylight system comprising a pressure-inflated cushion assembly.
  • the seats are placed on a rail system, which allows not only a faster installation process, but also will provide flexibility to either remove seats or move them closer together to allow for additional seating.
  • The stadium will feature wide concourses, high-tech lounges, turf-side suites as well as many other amenities.


In keeping with its commitment to being environmentally friendly, the building is designed to obtain LEED Silver certification.

Merritt and Harris is proud to have been chosen as a consultant on the construction monitoring of this iconic building.

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