Plan and Cost Reviews

Plan and Cost Reviews

Our Plan and Cost Review service provides professional evaluation of project scope, documentation, budget and team to enable confident investment decisions. As your trusted construction consultant, our holistic approach delivers an independent assessment of project facts and conditions, while opining on the critical components that could impact the probability of success.

The scope and content of our Plan and Cost Review has been developed since our group was founded in 1937 and proven over thousands of projects. This foundation, along with the extensive experience and technical expertise of our Plan and Cost Review team, ensures projects and potential issues are thoroughly reviewed and reported.

This service generally includes the following:

  • Plan Review: Our Architects and Engineers perform a multidisciplinary review of drawings, specifications, contracts, geotechnical reports, surveys, permits, zoning approvals and construction schedules.

  • Cost Review: Our Budget Analysts conduct a budget assessment including a trade breakdown analysis using our extensive in-house cost database, as well as a determination of whether project contingencies are adequate.

  • Building Systems: We produce detailed descriptions of the building’s structure, MEP systems and equipment, architectural and ADA components, finishes, and sitework.

  • Project Feedback: Based on our review of all construction documentation, we provide comments and questions, by discipline, addressed to the project’s Professionals of Record.

Our Commitment


We cover the intricacies of your project through an extensive list of documents requested that are meticulously reviewed and detailed in our report.


Our specialized due diligence team is tailored for each project and focuses solely on reviews, resulting in comprehensive, coordinated, and timely reporting.


Our project coordinators, technical staff, and managers work together to proactively pursue the necessary information from the borrower, always keeping you up to date.

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